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Adventures of the Underweres.
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Date:2014-01-27 09:48
Subject:Hard to beleive

This thing is still here.

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Date:2012-05-09 12:59

I just finished reading 50 Shades of Grey Parts one and two.
Thoughts on that and spoilersCollapse )

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Date:2012-05-08 18:06
Mood: blank

So have come to the conclusion that my affair with Facebook appears to be over. If ever I did a ramblin' I can ramble here and have better reception. Cuz it's actual friends. Maybe. (Shifty eyes)

So not bothering to catch up. Only moving forward.
The little one had an accident today but nothing serious.
I planted flower seeds, we'll see what pop's up.
Watched some movies: The avengers wasn't as bad as I expected. best line ever "Puny god."
Watched some TV: Throne's... yeah did she actually think she'd KEEP those dragons? And claim the throne? She so crazy...

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Date:2010-11-14 20:50

I have been told a lot of things. I have been through a lot as well. And despite the fact I have been told not to, that it only feed the fire and it's pointless and blabla, what the hell. I'm gonna post anyway.
Things at home are settling. Frosty and Maii have a pretty good relationship going. I did enjoy writing here, maybe I will again someday soon.

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Date:2010-10-20 20:57

Ok, well it's bedtime for me. I was here looking at addies. I have been listening to so much Halloween radio recently I think I'm becoming numb. Yeah!

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Date:2010-09-03 09:35

still here. Most of you have got me on facebook, DA or IM's. If you don't want want to speak with me: (coyoger @ yahoo . com) just remove the blanks

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Date:2009-12-03 18:41
Subject:Hey I still have this thing.
Mood: complacent

Where did November go? I swear I put it around here somewhere. *looks under wrapping paper and mismatched bows* Heck. I know it was just here somewhere. At any rate I have a buddy that has LJ as well and thought it might be best to make an update. *blows off the dust bunnies, watching them squeal at me and grab words before scurrying off.* Nasty little buggers.

At any rate, what’s new? Well not much really other than it is frickin’ freezing outside. It’s 5 as I write this. Yep 5 degrees Celsius. We have a bout 4 inches of snow, but since it’s so cold it’s just powder. Still makes for slipperiness.

”fullCollapse )

Ok, the caffeine in this energy drink is really starting to kick in now. *shakes, and takes another drink. Her pupils dilate and she growls a bit.*

I have all but abandoned my other chat room and apparently have been missed. But well, they just don’t hold any interest for me anymore. I went back to the furries/therians and these are my people. I don’t know why I strayed. I have been so inspired to get back into my clay (see DA and FA for that) I am working now on “Azure’s missed snow day.” I’ll show it soon.

Anywho, I’ve babbled long enough. Back to work for me. *Whips out thigh master and works on making files.* Have a day!

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Date:2009-07-29 18:47
Subject:Writer's Block: Bite Me

From Dr. Polidori's Lord Ruthven to Stephenie Meyer's Edward Cullen, the annals of vampire lore are filled with attractive, charming bloodsuckers. Which one would you most want to be bitten by?

Anyone who know me know this is a silly question. I suppose my current obssession is Eric Northman.

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Date:2009-07-28 15:01
Subject:It's july, again
Mood: thoughtful

Upon waking this morning at 4:30 I leaned out the window to notice my brothers and sisters singing their song (coyotes). Greeting the morning as it were. I smiled happily knowing this would be a pleasant day. It’s always good to start the day with something nice.

I went downstairs and slipped into my house shoes to walk the dog. When the deed was done I noticed the clock. Having a mere 20 minutes to get across town I grabbed my work bag, and headed out the door. Walking between building I noticed that it felt kind of nice on my feet today and noticed I had forgotten to change my shoes. So I went through my work day in nice pants, and button up shirt and my glow in the dark, green Halloween crocs. Yeah, it was a fine day. I love that my job didn’t require me to go back home to change.

To add to my smooth day the new guy came to me with a question about NGL (Natural Gas Liquid) pricing. I quoted the regulations, told him I was the one to obtain the data, and calculated the price, per the regs, and where to find it. I was shocked to find him so happy about it, even more so when he started chanting my name. Seriously. He chanted my name, fists punching the air in a “whoop-whoop” manner and dancing around. I had no idea this would make anyone’s day. But he stated he had been trying to figure it out for the past few days. Ooook. It made me feel pretty good. (If not a little uncomfortable)

So walking around in my crocs and filled with pride at myself was how I spent my day. Not bad at all.

Prepares to say something deep and insightful:

I have come to understand this, and mind you it is just my own theory. Earth is what Christians perceive as Heaven or Hell. Which plane of existence you live on is up to you and how you live your life. If you make bad decisions, and wind up hating yourself, burning yourself with drugs, tears and pain. You are in fact in Hell. If you lead a good life, don’t let bad things bother you too much and enjoy what the Earth gives you, you are in essence walking streets of Gold.

What happens when you die? I have a thought on that too. But following the earlier statement I will note that matter can never be destroyed, it just changes form. Therefore when a body dies it decays and becomes something else. But there is the matter of the soul. And the soul does not die, it is transformed. Or perhaps transferred.

I think that a soul of the past can live on. They go somewhere else, they choose to experience life again, and they hover and protect the living descendants

But I don’t want to bog you down too much with my thoughts on religion and life. Not too much in one day anywho. Also it’s just my opinion. Not a fact. So take what you will from my thoughts, feel free to add your own.

[Unknown LJ tag]As to us? Well, you know I’m doing well. We just passed the year mark on our home and are getting everything fixed that needs it. Nothing too major. The AC was fixed from the last hail storm and had some damage. But it was still under warranty, so all good there. We apparently are just awaiting the plumber to listen to the pipes sing. Other than that, all looks good there. I have my DA updated with the latest of my art news. Nothing much of note. Halloween has been put out at Michaels so I don’t feel too bad putting it up at home.

Frosty has either a muscle tear or nerve damage due to another accident at work. The doc told him he had to rest for a week, and work didn’t like that at all threatening to give his job away to someone else. But what can you do? You are hurt, you can’t work. But the public jobs are really ass-hats about anyone who dares to call in sick. Even with a doc’s note. So he’s at home today trying to keep up with BB and dealing with the contractors who are fixing the stuffs. Hurting, but functional. As to the job? I don’t know if he’ll still have it to go back to. He’s finishing up a commission as well, so this week has given him the opening to do that.

BB is doing well, and it hit me again last night how big she’s getting. She was walking into the kitchen and almost reaches the countertop. She’s growing in everyway and gets tired of me telling her she has a smart brain. She had a period when she wanted to be an Engineer like her mother, but now she wants to be an Astronaut. She went to the museum and they had a display using robotic arms to pick up “mock” space rocks. And found that to be to her liking. I explained the chances to actually go into space where slim, thanks to the current government but it might happen. She stated that she’d be happy to play on the ground with the robots. This from a 4 year old. I told her I was happy with whatever she did as long as it was in a Science. She is also looking forward to taking Ninja training this winter. They will take her when she’s 5.

The pets are all in fine form and we hope to add a puppy to the family this September. I’ve always wanted a tea-cup Chihuahua and didn’t think I’d ever get one. But my mother has surprised me telling me she found one and got it for me. I have named her “nibbler.” Or “nibs” for short. (Nibs as in the cuss word used in the coneheads, so it works there too) I haven’t met her yet, but already love her. Zook’s finally calming down and has stopped biting me to much and respects what I say and will follow me now without a fight. I was beginning to wonder. Crabs and Birds, great as well. We hunted for crawdads over the past weekend. Played with them and released them. BB wanted to take them home, but I wasn’t sure how to care for a crawdad. (I’d be more inclined to eat them)


So there you go. Sorry I haven't been posting much, but well I haven’t. I gonna miss not seeing my buddies again for the tribe meet. Again. But I hope they all know I send them much love and they are in my thoughts. I have finally made the effort to make more friends here, after 8 years. I meet a gal who lives about 10 minutes away, from the internet of all things, and we plan to meet up with old apartment buddies to RP Firefly soon. Care to join us Steel? Anywho...

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Date:2009-07-06 13:11
Subject:Southern education
Mood: content

Stolen from a friend:

Come all of you from other parts,
Both city folks and rural,
And listen while I tell you this:
The word “you-all” is PLURAL.

If I should say to Hiram Jones,
For instance, “You-all’s lazy.”
Or “Would you-all lend me your knife?”
He’d think that I was crazy.

And when we say, “Now you-all come
Or we shall all be lonely,”
We mean a dozen folks perhaps,
And not one person only.

So if you’d be more sociable
And with us freely mingle,
You’d find that on the native tongue
“You-all” is never single.

Don’t think I mean to criticize
Or act as if I knew all,
But when we speak of only one,
We just say “You” like you-all.

Posted by Margaret Maron at 12:54 PM

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Date:2009-06-19 12:17
Subject:Writer's Block: Set the Scene

Empty parking garages, roadside motels, dark caves, dank basements, overgrown forests—what kind of setting makes you feel nervous?

Full malls, crowded hallways, and places were there are too many people in a small space. I could be quite happy in a empty parking garage, a dank basement, and most deffintly in a dark cave.

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Date:2009-06-08 10:50
Subject:Reading is Fundimental
Mood: content

So Maii's toe is better, so now Frosty has had a backhoe lifter dropped on his. It never ends. But He's ok. But I think he has officially lost all feeling in his toe now.

So I have 2 shows that will be starting soon on HBO. But seeing as I can't afford HBO I'll have to wait for them to come out on DVD. ~Sighs~ Dexter season 4 and True Blood season 2 (FYI)But Dexter comes out on DVD Aug. 18 so ...common' Aug.

But luckily I have my books. But I still read them too darn fast.
LHK's Skin Trade, and CH's Dead and GoneCollapse )

I have been taking BB to Mc Hell to play the past few days. A note on the new "sweet tea" they are going on about...
If you do go and try this, go inside, request the tea cup; go to the tea and put about 2/3 regular tea in then add the sweet tea. I grew up on sweet tea. What McHell is serving is liquefied sugar, colored brown to give off the appearance of tea. But It is good tea if you are able to mix it our way.

More Bitch and Moanin'Collapse )

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Date:2009-04-17 15:55
Subject:Public annountment

I need more poeple in my clan. I'm obssessed with a vampire game on Facebook, but don't have the people to well and truly kick ass.

So who is on Facebook and wants to help? Thanks in advance...

on facebook I'm under (Noelle D. Nottellin)

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Date:2009-04-14 19:43
Subject:Early Earth Day
Mood: happy

Earth fights back!! Yeah Earth:
Fir Tree in Lung

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Date:2009-03-30 08:03
Subject:let there be snow
Mood: Here

Well, I had been complaining that we haven’t gotten much snow this season, or any winter for the past 2 years. So naturally, today we got our spring snow. This morning I experienced a perfect moment of peace. It wasn’t too cold, there was a slight breeze, and the snow was lightly falling. The birds were singing in the trees, the sky was cloudy. It was perfect. I wanted to pull out some blankets, sit under a pine tree and meditate. However, since I was at work I had to go sit out side the building. But I did. I enjoyed my moment for a good five minutes before a smoker came out and forced me back inside. That was about 7 this morning. So grudgingly I went back inside to “work”. And work I did, when I got up to walk down the hall I fount that we were no longer in a moment of peace. It looked like it was really going to snow today.

We wound up having about 2 feet of snow at our house. I got dismissed early from work. It took me 2 hours to get home. On every hill there were more than 4 cars stuck tiring to go up the hill. Every time I prayed, please car get me home. And she did. And no more than an hour after I got home that we had a well and true blizzard. I couldn’t see the house in front of us. It was great!

The next day, since it was a spring snow we all got to get out and made snowmen, and had a snowball fight. It was great fun. Friday my work said don’t bother coming in. But by 2 in the afternoon everyplace that had been plowed was clear and dry. But I certainly wasn’t gonna complain about the day off! Today we have more snow. It’s really not much, so far, but it’s cold and windy and blowing around sleet. Well, it was anyway. It seems to have stopped for now. One can hope that it will pick back up.

Anywho, the point of this narrative was it looks like I got my winter. Here, in the spring. I love Colorado. As to updates:

1)My mother threw out her knee and will need a total knee replacement. She is thinking of coming here so we can take care of her. Which will be fine by me, and really less worry for me cuz I can help her. But we don’t have a full bath on the first floor, so 6-8 weeks with a woman who loves her baths could be a problem.

2)Frosty is still looking. Folks are real quick to say, “We’d love you have you, but it’s really up to… to have the final say” and naturally … says nothing.

3)BB is in the half-way point of her classes, and the teachers there are sure to ask us, every bloody time, “Have you signed-up for summer classes?” No we haven’t, we can’t afford to, and no matter how many times we say, “My husband had recently lost his job and I didn’t think we can afford it”. They are always insensitive pricks about it, “Well, our classes are really affordable and we have payment plans, and it’s will only been through this week that you can save an extra 10.” Can you tell I’ve heard this song before? ~Sighs~

4)I have been putting out fires for the past month at work. I had gotten lax and for almost a year now I went to work, did my job, and went home. But for the past three weeks or so I come in, start to work, then some friendly soul come in and WHAM! Shall I do this rush job before I do the rush job that I’m rushing now? Pluck Yew. Yeash…

I suppose that’s it for the major things. And I guess I have rambled on long enough for now.
questions answeredCollapse )

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Date:2009-03-13 08:17
Subject:Share time
Mood: "Huph"

I have a few buddies who Crochet and I don't know if they are aware of this site. But I think it's way cool, and a bit beyond my skills. There are lots of free patterns.

Monster Crochet

In other news, we are making it by the skin of our teeth. BB has gym today, and I hope we can keep her in it. My job is doing well, but for the 3rd day in a roll I had to deal with "fires". I think I put them all out, or controled them before i left work yesterday. Frosty was part of small show on Wensday and it made him feel better. But still looking for another job. He applied as a Fed. Firefighter. I'm sure they'll need them this year. We have had so little water in the area the whole place is a timebomb. (Colorado)

It's cold this morning, I'm gonna go put on some more clothes...

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Date:2009-03-03 18:13
Subject:Happy square root day!
Mood: contemplative

Today is square root day! Hope it was a happy one for you.



It's very special to math nuts and factiod collectors alike. The next square root day won't happen until April 4, 2016.

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Date:2009-02-28 09:14
Subject:sharing the love, maddness
Mood: cold

So I finally got my film back from the wal-greens. And I wanted to post some pictures for those who wanted to see them.
But I'll put them behind here cuz I careCollapse )

This was just a sample the rest can be veiwed at my DA account Here

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Date:2009-02-27 08:29
Subject:Ok, enough
Mood: numb

Ok, I’ve had just about enough of the “coyote attacks” and “cougar sightings” and “New ways to scare off bears.” It’s called wild life people. If humanity is gonna keep building homes in the middle of bum-smurf, where the hell is the wild life to go to? Its kind-a like watching a slower form of what they did to the American Indians. Slowly taking over the land, pushing them into holes then complaining when they want out of said holes.

Last night on the Animal Planet they had a show about how this community was driving around the boarders of a town and when they saw a bear they got out there bear dogs, honked and shot flares. This all in an effort to scare the bears away. Then in the very next scene it showed new houses being built in the woods and talked about increased sightings. Of flippin course there was increased sighting. You built on their land.

I live in a location now that is nestled in the mountains. I hear the yotes sign sometimes, and I am aware of the big kitties. And yes, I’m sure there will be bears. I know this, I take precautions. Like looking around when I walk, keeping the pooch on a leash and not letting any little ones out at night. I know I’m on their turf. I’m not goning to start a campaign to get them off.

I just don’t understand why more people aren’t more reasonable about this. I really don’t.

In other news, thank goodness for our tax return. That is the only thing keeping us afloat at the moment. And in our rush to use the insurance that Frosty had we all went and got our eyes and teeth checked. BB has a slight variance in her eyesight, but they said she didn't need glasses (yet). Frosty and I got new glasses and frames. (Here's hoping they last another 4 years) And we all went to the dentist the other day. ~Whimper~ BB had a cavity, and told us to watch another tooth. I had to have 2 of my fillings replaced (It's hurts) and Frosty needs his wisdom teeth removed. We couldn't do that one before the end of the month. (It's like tommorrow) So we'll have to pay that one in full when we can. But we should do it soon before a tooth pulled becomes a root canal. Ugh.

Frosty is still looking, and I'm still doing OK in my job. I am looking for a pre-school for BB but it's damn expensive. I'd like to home school, but I don't know if I can.

And to top it all off my mother is being ever so supportive of my status. Passive-aggressive lovely woman that.

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Date:2009-02-12 15:35
Subject:Oh boy, what next?
Mood: crushed

Maii:Frosty was laid off today. We were swimming in Debt. Please pray (to what ever gods you may follow) that we don't sink.

Thank you

Frosty:Lets clear stuff up. I was not laid off. I was fired. Not for doing drugs. Not because of my patient care, (in fact I've gotten a few commendations on my patient care). Not for any of the hundreds of reasons that could spring to mind when being terminated comes up.

But because I told them I couldn't work certain days.

Because Maii and I being working parents, needed someone home with the wee one when one of us was at work. Daycares being what they are (hundred bucks a week and the kids always seem to be in the news with cruelty, poisoning or some kind of sickness) were out of the question. Our solution? One works, one stays home. Simple right?

Wrong. My employers (who must remain nameless, not out of any loyalty on my part. But because they made me sign a contract that banned me from bad-mouthing them by name on the 'Net. Guess they have some kind of program scanning for uses of their moniker)and more specifically, this triflin' little mouth breather in scheduling decides to just wildly flucuate my hours. Days sometimes, nights others, weekends (yay) and weekdays (not so yay) because "people with more seniority asked for certain shifts, leaving what you see here. Sorry"

Now, I'm not unreasonable. I understand that I was low guy on the totem pole and that yes, older folks get first pick. But when I say "I can't work thursday and friday" it does NOT mean schdeule me for it anyways and THEN get snitty and act surprised when I call in saying I can't work it. And it isn't because I drank a whole keg the night before (not even a theorical, my last night working, the crew I was with were talking about doing just that after shift and then calling off the night after for hangovers and parties. And they didn't even have the decency to invite me even though I'm sitting right there. Inbred dickholes.) It's because my loving mate has taken all the leave, favors, and work at home days she has accumulated in five years, trying to bend over backwards to get the days off I need so I can go to work. The well is dried up and she just couldn't take off anymore.

I said this much to the axeman who sat across the table from me with these empty doll eyes. (You ever meet those fuckers who are SO clearly just there in body, basically telling you without words that you aren't worth paying attention to because the decision has already been made and they are just following protocol?). Anyways, this guy says "kudos for choosing family over work, here's your last check"

On top of that, because I have been missing so much practice (cuz of work)at wrestling and because I haven't been selling as many tickets as others, I have been shelved at Fusion until further notice. They got a rehabing pro coming in that will fill the prerequisite big guy spot and leaves me out in the cold until, magickally, I start selling 50 tickets a show I'm not even in. So even the job I'm really good at is denied to me.

With times being what they are and our debt being where it is, I really don't know what to do now. I can gather apps until the next ice age but I think we all know that's an exercise in futility especially when the topic of why I lost my last job comes up. I always jokingly told Maii if worse comes to worse, I could always just prove everyone right about me, go down to the 16th ST mall and mug people for profit but now it's doesn't seem so farfetched.

Happy fuckin' Valentine's Day.

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